Member Directory

Rep Roster

Mr. Frank DiCianni

Honorable Gene DiGirolamo
State Representative

Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo

Ms. Darle Digney
Director of Development

Ms. Beverly Dimler

Ms. Heather DiPrato

Mr. Dave Dixon
Independent Contractor Owner

Mr. Michael Donahue, CPA, MT

Ms. Jennifer Doone
Marketing Director

Mr. Theodore D. Dorand
External Affairs Manager

Ms. Miriam A. Dougherty

Ms. Tiffany Downs

Mr. Christopher Dugan
Logistics Consultant

Mr. Terence C. Dun

Ms. Lauren Dunn-Cohen
Property Acquisitions Manager

Ms. Angela Durant
Director of Sales

Mrs. Florence Durant

Mr. Richard Eble
President & CEO

Mr. Michael Einbinder-Schatz

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