Meet the Owner - Eric Renfors, Code Ninjas - Yardley
Yardley, PA
09/11/2019 12:36 PM

Welcome to Macaroni Kid Lower Bucks' new series: Meet a Local Business Owner. First up, Eric Renfors, owner of "Code Ninjas" in Yardley. The Pennsbury High School alum and retired principal recently opened the new coding center for kids in the Lower Makefield Shopping Center.  Here is our Q&A:

When did Code Ninjas open? 

We formally opened our doors on August 31st. We’ll be having a Grand Opening Celebration on September 28th, so mark your calendars!!

Why did you want to bring Code Ninjas to Yardley? 

Prior to embarking on this journey, I worked for almost 30 years as an educator in NJ. The technology teacher at the school where I served as the principal would teach a 2-3 week unit on coding, and the kids loved it. For many of them, it was their favorite part of their tech class, if not the whole year. When I learned of Code Ninjas, I was very excited to become a part of the franchise/phenomenon.

In looking for a place to open this business, there was a void in Bucks County, and we felt like this community would be very receptive and embrace this concept. So far, the reception we’ve received has exceeded our expectations.

Why is it important to learn coding? 

In an increasingly technological world, Coding can enhance one’s marketability no matter the field. A friend who has been quite successful in the tech sector commented to us that coding is as important to this generation as learning to type was to us when we were kids.  Besides that, it’s fun!!!

What additional skills will kids learn?

Kids who participate at Code Ninjas will learn problem solving skills, teamwork, logic, and perseverance. Understanding the logic of coding can also help to strengthen math skills.

What did you most enjoy while working with children as a teacher, counselor and principal? 

I always took great pride in serving as a mentor to the young people with whom I worked. We always encouraged students to be their best selves, be kind, and think of others. It is always uplifting to hear from former students and/or their parents that you made a difference in someone’s life.

What was your childhood like in Yardley?

I lived in Hedgerow Woods in Morrisville until seventh grade and then moved to the Edgewood Park development. Hedgerow Woods was an amazing development to grow up in. There were so many kids to play with. We played every sport, kick the can, capture the flag,  …we even stayed up PAST when the street lights came on. When we moved to Edgewood Park life started to revolve around the LMT pool, the baseball fields across the street from the municipal building and the basketball court at the pool. We rode our bikes EVERYWHERE!! So many great memories. What a great place to grow up.

What is your favorite memory from growing up in Yardley? 

Wow, this is so hard. I’d have to say that my best memories growing up were in high school at PHS. I was lucky to play football with many of the same guys that I grew up with, and we had some pretty good teams in the mid 80’s. Our senior year we played in front of 10,000 people at Neshaminy’s Heartbreak Ridge and won 12-0 to finish 8-2 and win the Suburban One League Championship.

And then, of course, there was the PHS prom. It wasn’t quite the spectacle in 1985 that it is now, but being on the prom committee, and then attending the actual event were experiences that I could never forget.

Did you have a favorite teacher? 

In elementary school, Miss Teleposki (she got married when we had her in fourth grade and became Mrs. Tiso, crushing the dreams of countless 9 year old boys) was probably my favorite. In middle school, Mr. Bergmann was great. So funny, and he was also our football coach at Pennwood. Charles Boehm was a 9th and 10th grade building when I was there, and Mrs. Crosby was my 10th grade English teacher. She made learning really fun. At PHS, even though I didn’t have him for a teacher, Mr. Wilson was our Interact Advisor, and there was never a dull moment when you were in his presence.

Do you have a favorite spot to visit in Bucks County?

New Hope was always a fun place. I really like live music so Havana and John and Peters were fun places when we were younger.

Eric Renfors
(215) 962-1707
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